The Benefits of Underlay For Carpets

Underlay is an essential feature of your flooring, ensuring the longevity of your carpet. Not only this, underlay can enhance the appearance, feel and overall aesthetic of your flooring. If you are looking to add new carpet to your home, you may wish to look into adding underlay first. Here are the benefits of using underlay for your carpets.

Improve Energy Efficiency

If you are looking to improve the insulation within your home, especially with the cold winter months approaching, underlay can be a superb way of doing this. Underlay can retain heat within the home as well as protecting your carpet from moisture and condensation. In turn, this makes your home more energy-efficient and can reduce your heating bills as you won’t need to have your heating on as frequently.

Protect Your Carpet

Carpets without underlay tend to have a much shorter lifespan than those with underlay. Research has shown that underlay can extend the lifespan of your carpet by 30% – 50%. You should see underlay as a long-term investment, improving the longevity of your flooring and the insulation of your property.

Essential For Apartments

Along with the numerous other benefits discussed throughout this blog, underlay also has noise reduction qualities that can prove vital in apartment buildings. Nothing is worse than being awoken by noisy neighbours, especially if they have creaky flooring and are moving around as you are trying to get to sleep. Therefore, underlay can greatly reduce the noise produced by those walking on the flooring at inconvenient times of the day.

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