Guide To Picking The Right Carpet

If you’re considering purchasing a new carpet, you’ll need to make a few choices. You’ll need to select a type of carpet and a material in addition to a colour or pattern that fits your room. There are a variety of materials available, ranging from handwoven wool to soft synthetics. Which one you select will be determined by the location of the carpet as well as your budget.

Why Choose Carpets?

Carpets are a favourite in British homes as they can help keep homes warm and cosy during the winter months. But there are also some other benefits such as non-slip surfaces which are great if you have children. Carpets can also be easily removed when you want a change or need to carry out maintenance work. 

Different Types Of Carpets:

Woven – Colours and decoration are woven in rather than printed onto the surface of a woven carpet, which is a labour-intensive process. It is a high-end product made of 80 to 100 percent wool and is available in two styles: Axminster, which is commonly patterned with a velvet finish, and Wilton, which can be plain or textured.

Tufted – The most popular form of carpet, with a wider range of styles to choose from. It’s constructed by needle-punching pile yarn into a backing cloth to create cut and loop pile patterns.

Cut-pile – Cut-pile carpets come in a variety of styles. Shearing exposes the fibre, making them softer and a popular choice for any room in the house where comfort is important.

Loop-pile – This is the more practical carpet type since it is more resilient and stain-resistant. The strands are twisted into little loops for a low-profile appearance.

Types of Carpet Materials: 

Nylon – Nylon is extremely soft, robust, and stain-resistant. Nylon is by far the most popular carpet material, accounting for around two-thirds of all synthetic carpets, according to some estimates. It is resistant to wear, mould, mildew, and rot, as well as being dyeable and colorfast. These carpets are reasonably priced and can last 12 to 15 years if properly cared for, making them the most durable of synthetic fibres.

Polyester – Polyester is praised for holding vivid, fade-resistant colours. The fibre is also more hypoallergenic than some others because it is man-made. Polyester/PET, a type of polyester carpet, is created from recycled plastic bottles, making it environmentally friendly.

Wool – Wool has been used in carpet manufacture for a long time and is still considered the greatest carpet material. It has a luxurious appearance and a minimal proclivity for soiling. It’s also flame-retardant by nature. Wool is durable, soft, and warm, and it keeps its shape. There are 100% wool carpets as well as mixtures with man-made fibres in an 80/20 or 50/50 ratio.

We hope that this advice benefits you in deciding what type of carpet you want for your home. At Eric Wright, we stock and sell a wide range of carpets, so give us a call or stop by at our store in Leicester for a free estimate and more information.

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