FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Please feel free to read the Q&A’s provided below just in case you have any unanswered questions.

Q: How often should I get my carpet cleaned?

A: How often a carpet needs cleaning can differ quite a lot due to the day-to-day use that it withstands each day. We recommended cleaning it at least once a year, however, this can sometimes not be enough, e.g. if a carpet is regularly used by pets.


Q: How soon can a carpet be walked on after having it professionally cleaned?

A: The best time to start walking on it would be when it as completely dried. To know when this has happened can vary based on humidity and temperature, so it’s always best to choose warmer days to have your carpet cleaned.


Q: Can homes with wall-to-wall carpeting be more likely to develop indoor air quality problems than wood flooring?

A: Carpeting nowadays does not contain hazardous amount of chemicals, if any. This means that carpeting is very clean and does not pose any more threats than other flooring types.


Q: Can having my carpet cleaned shorten it’s life?

A: In short, no. When we clean carpets we use techniques such as natural enzyme cleaning and steam cleaning that does not damage carpet materials. Both regular cleaning and vacuuming will help make your carpet last for a long time.

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