Pets & Carpets – What Should You Take Into Account?

As all pet owners know, pets are messy, regardless of whether you have a dog, cat, or another kind of pet. They shed fur like it’s going out of fashion, and this can be a nightmare for you to clean up. As well as all of the mud and dirt they bring in with them. 

Pet-Friendly Flooring

Now, most people would recommend wood and laminate flooring, which is extremely easy to clean. However, we understand that you probably don’t want laminated flooring in every room of your house. You needn’t worry too much, there are plenty of pet-friendly carpets which are low maintenance and durable. 

You’ll want to take into account whether your pet will be comfortable on the carpet or flooring, as they’ll more than likely be the ones who are sitting and lying on it most of the time. 

Your Pet

You should consider what kind of fur your pet has. Does your pet have light coloured fur? You might be best getting a lighter carpet so that pet hair doesn’t show up as easily. If your pet has darker hair, a darker coloured carpet would probably be the better option.

You also need to consider how your pet acts. Does it scratch? If so you’ll want to invest in Frieze carpeting, which is much harder to snag than longer-pile carpets. Wool carpets are generally resilient to scratching, so this could also be an option for you. If your pet likes to roll around in the mud and dirt, you’ll want to look at buying a 100% polypropylene carpet, as they are great at resisting stains. 

a cat laying down

Some General Tips

If your carpet isn’t necessarily pet-friendly, there are a few ways to ‘pet-proof’ it:

  • Clean any accidents immediately to prevent staining and unpleasant odours. 
  • Clean and bathe your pet regularly to prevent them from smelling and transferring that smell onto the carpet.
  • Regularly vacuum carpets and furniture to remove pet hair. 
  • Make sure your pet’s claws are trimmed regularly, to avoid them snagging on the carpet.
  • Keep your pet’s bowls on a mat or on a laminated surface. 

Having a pet shouldn’t stop you from getting your dream carpet, but it is worth considering what kind of carpet you should go for, and the measures you may have to take to keep it in tip-top condition. 

If you’re looking for a new carpet and you’re not sure what’s best for you and your pet, why don’t you give us a call on 0116 278 3241? We’ll be more than happy to help out. 

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